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  Function mode of the conveyor system
Archimedes Wasserschraube

Force has to be applied if something is to be moved. Minimising the power required and, where possible, simultaneously increasing efficiency is a never ending challenge for engineers and inventors.

The Archimedes screw which allows water to be continuously moved uphill with a minimum power input is a superb example.

Continuous rotation gives rise to extremely high levels of efficiency:

         the efficiency of the output is proportional
         to the directness of the means of access.

Precisely this principle is at the heart of Conway 3Tausend‘s revolutionary conveying technology!

Application example (1,13MB) Application example (465KB)

Distributor module (clock-o-mat) (2,36MB) Drive and carrier (Top) (2,08MB) Drive and carrier (short clip) (575KB) Drive (1,13MB)

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